icebreaker - ice cubes made easy

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icebreaker - ice cubes made easy
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Make ice cubes the 21st Century way – fill with water, freeze and rotate the lid to produce perfect ice cubes with no mess.

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Estimated Shipping Date: December 2016
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Introducing the icebreaker gift card

We have made it easy for you to give away the new spectacular icebreaker. When you have ordered an icebreaker, just choose and print out the gift card most suitable for the occasion of your gift. Buy the icebreaker here

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Stretched Goal

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How it works!

Each icebreaker produces 12 chunky ice cubes – simply and elegantly:

  • It’s easy to fill from the tap or a bottle – with no spillage 
  • It can be put into the freezer anywhere there’s a space, at any angle and it won’t leak 
  • it is compressed while in the freezer, and it expands back to its normal shape when you need to use it. 
  • It delivers perfect ice cubes with an easy twist action, so you can forget about that battle with the ice cube tray altogether. 
  • It’s designed to be on display on your drinks table to deliver a great impression.
  • It is easy to disassemble and to put the parts in the dishwasher

Great for everyday use

(see also FAQ at the bottom)

The icebreaker fits into any gap in your freezer so you don’t need to find a flat space – it is compressed while in the freezer, and it expands back to its normal shape when you need to use it..

Its sleek design allows it to fit into any small gap so you can optimize your freezer space. The ice cubes are 40 mm wide..

With the icebreaker it is easy to have a quick glass of iced water and to have ice cubes available at the family dinner table – for every member, young or old, to be able to serve themselves.

With two or three icebreakers in your freezer you can always give your guests iced drinks – even when you have a few friends over for dinner or a barbeque.

When it’s empty, just fill it back up and throw it back in the freezer. If it needs a wash, it’s dishwasher safe too.

Who is it for?

It would be easier to ask – who it’s NOT for! If you usually dread the moment someone asks for ice in their drink and you want to have easy ice cubes in your life every single day then icebreaker is a must have.

icebreaker goes anywhere..
icebreaker goes anywhere..

It’s got mega-gift power too: 

  • For the man who has everything 
  • For the happy couple’s wedding gift 
  • For the ‘I don’t have a clue what to get him/her’ gift 
  • For the boss, it’s a Christmas gift that will impress.

It’s a talking point and a unique concept – who wouldn’t want to receive such an inspired gift?

A Danish invention

With a huge gap between automatic ice cube vending machines and ice cube trays and bags, I wondered when someone would come up with something better. They didn’t – so I took action! 

My name is Kim Jensen and I’m Danish. I am an engineer by profession and have years of experience of turning product ideas into final products, ready to ship. I quit my job with a big pharma company to work on this project for a year. I’d spent 13 years developing ideas and was ready to turn the plans and technical drawings into reality. After a year and several prototypes later – the icebreaker was born.

The icebreaker is designed for easy cleaning and assembly, simplicity and elegance. With a team of the best design and material engineers in Denmark who have reviewed and developed the icebreaker, my mantra has been 

It must work smoothly to overcome the obstacles that existing solutions offer.

Under the hood!

The icebreaker has been carefully engineered so that it can be produced from a few simple plastic parts and silicone gaskets. This makes it easy to clean and use, but maybe even more importantly, having a simple device is much more robust than a complex device. Actually, when you see it, you will say, ”why didn’t I think of that?” 

Each of these principles has had to be tested function by function, as a modular test, rather as a complete functional test, which would require all the parts to be molded and assembled to the final product. This has been a huge part of the development, but it has also revealed the challenges of making ice cubes inside a closed chamber. Careful considerations and solution of these challenges provided the foundation for our 5 patents.  

We would love to brag a bit more about how smart it is and how we made it, but due to the risk of copying, we have to keep some of the details close to our chests.

Timeline & backers field test!

The investment period is until mid October. 

Once we achieve our target investment we will, together with our production partners, be able to transform the prototype into parts designed for production, to launch manufacture with testing taking place throughout this process.

As a special reward, we would like to invite our most dedicated backers to join our field test. The backer’s test is scheduled for March 2016 so 200 investors will receive their first icebreakers then – and the final icebreakers will ship in May/June 2016. We count on your feedback!

The icebreaker will go on sale to the general public late 2016.